TIAC Everywhere

Project acronym: EW

Project name: TIAC Everywhere

Project duration: 2 months

Short description: TIAC Everywhere is a proof of concept platform that stores and interprets GPS location data collected from Android devices. That data is then used to provide third party location based services to the user.


Project aims/goals: The goal of this project was to allow the collection of GPS location data from Android devices. The lightweight Android client application collects the GPS data and provides user feedback, while the server component is tasked with storing and interpreting the information. This information could be used in a variety of ways, such as providing real-time positional information of employees that are on the field, giving location sensitive guidance and information to tourists, or provide support/special offers to customers. Services are provided either by first or third party applications built on this platform. Any application asking for data must first be approved by the user in question.

Key words: GPS, Android, Location

Technology aspect: TIAC Everywhere consists of two components

  • An Android application that is installed by the end user on their mobile device, and which provides:
    • A UI that enables the user to enable/disable the tracking functionality and change all relevant application parameters
    • A background service that collects and transmits the location data
    • A notification system that can be used to pass information back from services to the user
  • A Windows based application that:
    • Exposes web services to the client applications, through which all data is passed between the two components
    • An API used by third parties approved by the user to take the location data and pass any appropriate messages back to the Android device

Significant results: A proof of concept application has been developed, and is under internal testing. The model seems viable and is currently waiting for development of services for this platform.