Lab Project – ICOLLECT


Project acronym: iC

Project name: iCollect

Project duration: not finished

Short description (what was/is project about?): iCollect is a framework that integrates smart phones, cloud technologies and social networks by allowing users to create their own mobile applications, store custom structured data through this platform and transfer it directly into the cloud, and share both application and the data.


Project aims/goals: Main goal is to create the complete platform based on the new technology that empowers non-technical (technology laiman) users to create custom applications for managing and sharing structured data at affordable price.

There are 1.08 billions of smartphone users worldwide. Almost all of them are using their devices every day. 69% of them are downloading and using apps, 59% are using social networks. 1/3 of all users are business users and 2/3 of them are private users. Taking this into account, we can donclude that around 220 million of business users are downloading apps and using them. Our goal is to penetrate only 0.1-1% of that market with iCollect solution.

iCollect is a collaborative environment that utilizes Cloud technologies, concepts of social networks, and smart phone platforms (e.g. Android, iOS). The iCollect framework allows users to design their own mobile applications using only a smart phone. In addition, it also allows users to access web based interface to manage various profile settings. iCollect as a framework will offer a standardized and custom set of interfaces that can be used for developing user’s proprietary applications.

Available versions of iCollect framework will be:

  • Free version; it costs 0, has only basic functionality and has limitation in data size; primary role of users that use free version would be to build the community around iCollect.
  • Premium version; premium version has standard license price per year, has complete functionality and has no limitation in data size.

The revenue sources are coming from licensing, various contribution methods and others sources (such as advertising).

Marketing mix will use modern marketing tools like Google ads and social networks. iCollect community expansion is expected to be carried out through social networks.

Project development will be based on in-house resources and competence.

iCollect is totally in correspondence with Green IT because it belongs to paperless office solutions.

Key words: iCollect, framework, Android, iOS

Technology aspect: iCollect represents an innovative service that combines existing cloud technologies and allows smart phone users to create applications for data collection, for publishing and sharing data, for socializing (i.e. use social media) iCollect experiences, and to commercialize their applications and/or data. So far, developing smart phone applications required programming skills, which are not common among smart phone users and population in general—the iCollect platform changes that by allowing non-technical users to design their own smart phone applications through easy-to-use iCollect client application.  The platform will support all major smart phone systems, e.g. iOS, Android, etc.

Figure 1. The main components of the iCollect platform.

The platform consists of six main components (Figure 1), as described in the following paragraphs.

  • iCollect wizard is a server based application that interacts with the iCollect clients, and guides users in designing their own applications. The wizard has access to the iCollect library of the components and/or applications that can be used and integrated while a user designs an application.
  • iCollect library represents a repository of all usable components and pluggable applications developed by iCollect community according to the iCollect standard.
  • iCollect market is a managed collection of smart phone applications published by users. The novelty of the iCollect market is that not just applications are published, but also data itself (if owner wishes to do that).
  • iCollect standard enables anyone who uses it to submit their application to the iCollect library. The standard is technical, describing required set of routines and invoking mechanisms that an iCollect pluggable application needs to have.
  • iCollect API represents the collection of interfaces that will allow integration of the iCollect data into business and custom made applications.
  • User mngt and support component is responsible for managing user profiles and settings.

We forecast that the iCollect platform will establish an iCollect community of users and developers who will interact and discuss functionalities and features of various iCollect components and applications. The community should bring together professionals and non-technical users. Such, community will also provide support and help to iCollect users through various blogs and forums.