Document generator

Project acronym: DG

Project name: Document Generator

Project duration: 6 months

Short description: This project was subpart of a bigger project (PIO RS project, see our Experience base). It was required to build a mechanism that will allow users of the system to create custom templates and to preview/print a specific documents based on these templates.


Project summary: Aim of this project was to allow users to create structured document template, consisting of paragraphs and fields, where display of paragraphs depends on conditions and where paragraphs consist of static text and fields that user can insert and define.

All fields and conditions are created by user in form of static labels. Afterwards developers must implement the intended logic behind them.

Key words: Template, Document generator, Custom conditions, Custom fields

Technology aspect: Project is separated in two parts

  • Creating user interface and logic that allows defining custom fields and conditions and creating paragraphs and templates. This is done using Silverlight application and storing data in MSSQL database.
  • Second part is creating a particular document based on templates, fields and conditions. This part is done by using Custom logic implemented in C#.NET, SQL Server Reports Services and MSSQL database.

Significant results: This project is in use in PIO RS application, allowing users of this application to automatically generate documents. So far, users have defined more than 20 templates in our application, and they are printing documents based on these templates in their everyday work.

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