We believe that the best way of gaining knowledge and experiences about new technologies is through experimentation in our Lab.

About TIAC Lab

TIAC Lab is an essential part of our company. From our first steps we were dedicated to trying out new things and to explore great ideas we came up with. TIAC Lab is all about the passion and inquisitive drive.

To put it officially, the purpose of TIAC LAB is experimentation with new technologies and new ways to build software, as well as the application of those within TIAC Lab projects. Our goal is also to apply the results of experimentations to build new TIAC products and to support other organizational parts through, foremost, knowledge transfer.

How does it work?

TIAC Lab functions through work on Lab projects. A Lab project can be:

  • Research project to probe and test new technologies
  • Commercial project
  • Project to develop a TIAC product

A Lab project does not necessarily belong to only one of these types. It is possible for one Lab project to involve more than one “Lab” i.e. to develop a new product while simultaneously testing a new technology.

LAB Projects


UniTransModel web portal is a part of the UniTransModel project that consists of a web site, through which any member of the general public can plan their trips in the region covered by the project.


SFA Android is an Android version of our earlier SFA (Sales Force Automation) project, which is used by field sales representatives. New Android version of the same application is meant to expand the user base to include users of Android devices.


iCollect is a framework that integrates smart phones, cloud technologies and social networks by allowing users to create their own mobile applications, store custom structured data through this platform and transfer it directly into the cloud, and share both application and the data.


TIAC Everywhere is a proof of concept platform that stores and interprets GPS location data collected from Android devices. That data is then used to provide third party location based services to the user.


This project was subpart of a bigger project. It was required to build a mechanism that will allow users of the system to create custom templates and to preview/print a specific documents based on these templates.


It was required to build a framework that will define workflow of documents within a company, from one work place to another, and to define a set of actions that a person working on a specific workplace can do when document is in their possession.


The basic need for this project was to update existing version of ERP JAVA application to new version with smallest set of changes.