Cross-technology solutions

Latest business trends often dictate specific requirements.

For example, you might have:

  • a legacy software built in one technology and you need a new software in a different technology that interfaces with the old one, or
  • a business case that requires different parts of the system to be built using different technologies,

which means that you need to have a team of skilled professionals who are versed in multiple technologies (.NET, Java and/or PHP).

We offer you the solution…

… of cross-technology teams for software development projects in:

  • .NET
  • Java
  • PHP

Whether you have a team with expertise in only one of these technologies and need experts in other ones, or you require a mixed team of experts in these technologies, we can help you.

Our team, with its extensive experience in building software, with:

  • 50+ projects in .NET,
  • 15+ projects in Java,
  • 10+ projects in PHP (some long term projects included),

can make these different technologies really work together.

For more information, please visit our contact page and send us your questions and requests.