TIAC Talk No.8 – Health and Recreation

For this eighth TIAC talk we welcomed guests from ELEVATE fitness club to talk about health and recreation. Employee productivity is not only about knowledge, motivation or commitment. Individual’s overall health is another important contributing factor, and not only for job performance, but also for overall quality of life.

Dragoljub Velovic, MSc, a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education, gave us a presentation on how recreation and diet can positively affect our health, reduce stress and improve our productivity. He also spoke about choosing the right kind of recreation and whether any recreation is good or not. Particularly interesting part was the one about a research carried out in Serbia that shows that in terms of physical activity and recreation, we, as a nation, are far below the average of West European countries and the United States.

The ELEVATE fitness center presented to us their offer for recreation, which includes testing and determining individual fitness level, creating personal training and nutrition plans, etc.

We were very interested to discuss this topic with Mr. Velovic in a Q&A session after the presentation. It was clear that awareness of the benefits of recreation and a healthier lifestyle is definitely present among us, and that the number of our employees interested in recreational activities continues to increase.

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