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As previously announced, TIAC’s representatives Vladimir Mandic and Robert Ramac have attended the Microservices 2017 conference in Odense, Denmark, and gave a presentation that was based on their submission paper “The Challenges of Developing a Multi-Domain Microservices Platform: The Case of REQSTER”.

The presentation was very well received among the attendees and it has sparked a few interesting discussions on possible ways of applying this type of software development. Our representatives together with other participants have exchanged ideas for future development of REQSTER platform, as well as about possible ways for development and expansion of use of the microservice architecture in IT industry in general.

tweet 1Participants have agreed that Microservices 2017 conference is a beginning of something bigger, a beginning of a community that will closely follow the trend of growth of usage of microservices architecture. Valuable new ideas have been exchanged and new contacts have been made and the impression is that everyone went home satisfied and optimistic.

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