First mini school of Java programming Go4Code, organized by TIAC and M&I Systems together with the Aleph School of Web Programming, was successfully finished on September 27th.

The courses took place at TIAC’s offices, and was attended by 15 participants who had an opportunity to gain knowledge in following areas:

  • OOP,
  • databases,
  • software architecture and Spring,
  • web applications,
  • JDBC,
  • JPA,
  • Spring data JPA,
  • Spring security,
  • testing of Java applications and REST APIs.

To finish off the entire Go4Code experience, the participants took part in a one-day hackathon event. Three teams ware competing in who will do the best and the most work in this limited time frame. This gave them a chance to experience how programming in the real world looks like, what challenges there are, the teamwork and pressure of deadlines. It was interesting to see how the atmosphere in each team was very different from one another, how they approach work and problem solving differently, and how they channel their ideas and manage tension. Some have chosen to work in total darkness to fully concentrate on the task, some had music or a soccer match in the background.

On the last day of Go4Code, the teams have presented their work in front their mentors and TIAC’s management. Best participants of the course have been offered internship positions and a chance to further improve their programming skills.

Go4Code proved to be a valuable experience not only for the attendees, but also for us as organizers, and we are planning to continue organizing this type of events in the future.

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