TIAC Talk No 7 – Office Massage

Topic of the latest TIAC talk was in a way a continuation of exploration of the topic of the previous TIAC talk: how to deal with stress in everyday life and at work. We have had a chance to learn more about massage, one of stress relieving techniques that is very popular and often used nowadays.

On August 4th, TIAC was host to Damir Dakic, a physiotherapist, who told us more about massage. First we talked about some general aspects of massage, its benefits and uses. Then we moved to the main topic of “Massage in a workplace”. Massage in a workplace is a concept of massage treatment that is carried out in the workplace and lasts ten to fifteen minutes. Treatment is carried out over the clothes and includes massage the head, neck, shoulder and, partially, back area. Main goal of this type of massage is to reduce muscle tension, relieve stress, enhance concentration, improve productivity and increase job satisfaction.

The presentation ended with a short discussion on the subject. The employees also had the opportunity to try out for themselves the benefits of this type of massage treatment.

TIAC Talk 7 TIAC Talk 7 TIAC Talk 7 TIAC Talk 7