Team building


On July 1st, TIAC s` management organized a team building for its employees. Everybody knew that we were going for a hike at Fruska Gora, but activities along the way remained a secret.

After leaving our starting point on Popovica, after a light hike, our first stop was “Kraljeva stolica”, where the first surprise was waiting: bows and arrows, and some refreshments. Friendly archery instructors from “SK Velos”, Novi Sad, gave us a short introductory course, and then they organized a mini tournament for us. Some had better aim than the others, but we all sure had fun.

After another light hike, on the Popovica lake there was a second surprise. There, a zip-line was set up over the lake. After we “zipped” the lake few times, had a good laugh and raised our pulses it was finally lunch time at a nearby mountain home.

In the end, after overwhelmingly positive feedback from the team, this type of out-of-the-box, dynamic and fun team buildings are something we plan to organize more often in the future.

„Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. “Helen Keller”

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