TIAC Talk No. 6 – Stress management

It is impossible to avoid stress in one’s everyday life and in work environment, but one can learn to successfully manage his or her reaction to stress. This is why we invited representatives of the psychological center for counseling, education and research – SELF from Novi Sad, to join us for a TIAC Talk and share information about stress management.

Developer’s work day is very dynamic and involves tight deadlines, many changes within short time periods, switching focus, prioritizing, communicating with different types of personalities both within and outside of a team. The profession itself imposes the need to constantly adapt, to be informed about latest technological developments and to learn new things in order to stay competitive. These are just some examples and factors that bring stress into the equation.

Representatives of SELF center shared with us what stress is, what types of stress there are, whether stress is good or bad for us,  is it a weakness or an opportunity, how to recognize stress, individual aspects and perception of stress, how to deal with it etc. During this TIAC Talk, more than on previous occasions, the attendees joined in in direct communication and discussion with the presenters.

TIAC Talk - 6TIAC Talk - 6TIAC Talk 6